Dual Plate Check Valves


        YONGDUN'S retainerless design dual plate check valves are available for a broad range of applications.


        Dual Plate Check Valves Specifications

        Size Range: 2" - 60"

        Pressure Class:

        ASME 150 - 2500

        API Standards: 594, 6D & 6A

        ASME B16.34



        Wafer, Lug & Flange Type

        Retainerless Design

        Low Checking Pressure


        Firesafe by Design


        Contact YONGDUN Valve's sales department at 86-013806833332 for more information about our Dual Plate Check Valves.

        You may also email us at cliffsheng@163.com. As global Check Valve manufacturers and Check Valve suppliers, we meet or exceed industry standards. Our goal is to provide client satisfaction in all that we do.

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